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Tips on Planning a hawaii Honeymoon


Keep in mind: Stay 6 days (or more) per Island if you want a relaxing, romantic honeymoon.

Outdoor Adventures on The Big Island: Explore land, sea and sky activities: from star gazing atop the tallest mountain to wandering through hardened lava beds, The Big Island is perfect for the outdoorsy couple.

Untamed Beauty in Kauai’: Rainforests, stunning cliffs, and secluded waterfalls define this magical island. Fly over the island’s crevices, hike though its thickets and sail along the coastline to experience its beauty.

Diversity in Maui: Whether its a mountain bike ride or a sailing excursion that you crave, you can find it on Maui. It’s the perfect mix of cycling, snorkeling, diving and sailing sprinkled with urban splendor and foodie appeal.

Thriving in Oahu: Soak in the richness of what Oahu has to offer with a mix of beach relaxation, exclusive kayaking tours, trekking luaus and sea turtle diving.


The best places for year-round sun are on the west Kona coast on the Big Island, Wailea and Lahaini in Maui, Poipu Beach in Kauai and Waikiki and Ko Olian in Oahu.

The high season: December - April. For best rates, visit April to June, or September through November

The ‘dry season’: April- October. However, the year round temperatures don’t change very much. The west and south sides of each island tend to get less rain than the eastern and northern sides.


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Top 10 Things To Do In hawaii

Hawaii Itinerary Ideas

Check out some of the top activities for each island.

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