Melissa Cox and John Rennie will wed on July 26th, 2014

Our Story

Hello and welcome to our Wanderable Registry - the registry where you can send gifts of the non-traditional variety. As we tried to figure out where we would register for our wedding, it became clear that there is little that we really need. We're each already blessed with homes filled with all the things that a typical family requires. When we began to think about the challenge of combining our two households full of "stuff" into one, we realized that this type of registry might be a great alternative for us. This way, our friends and family can participate in planning what we hope to be a once in a lifetime experience....our honeymoon. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share our trip with everyone!

Gifts are certainly not expected! Please don't feel obliged to help with our honeymoon--your presence at our wedding will be a wonderful gift we'll cherish. However, if you generously desire to give us a wedding gift, this site has a couple of options. You can choose the option to pay with cash or check, in which case you'll print out a certificate at the end of the check-out process to either mail or give to us in person. Or you can pay through this site using a credit card. This site does not store your personal information or require you to register in order to give a gift. Again, please understand that you've already given us the most precious gift by being a part of our lives, and we look forward to sharing our joy with you at our wedding.

Big Day Details

Our wedding will be at 2:00pm on July 26, 2014 at Trinity Heights Baptist Church - 3820 Old Mooringsport Road, Shreveport, LA 71107

We are honeymooning in Western Carribbean

A seven-day cruise of the Western Caribbean including stops in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cozumel. The trip will wrap up with a night in New Orleans.

You can gift any amount you wish up to $250
Price: $250

John needs some new luggage before we go!

Saturday Night Dinner at Prejean's
Fully gifted!

A fun place to stop to eat on our way to New Orleans.

Lafayette, LA, United States

Wedding Night Stay - Hilton Baton Rouge
Fully gifted!

Our first night together as a married couple will be spent in Baton Rouge as we get ready to set sail the next day.

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Sunday Brunch at Brennan's
Fully gifted!

It’s a New Orleans tradition: too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. So, combine the two, and we'll eat a delicious brunch.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Cabin Upgrade
Fully gifted!

Help us upgrade our cabin to a fancy-schmancy suite!

Cruise Soda Card
Fully gifted!

Unlimited soft drinks and juices. John may wipe out the ship's supply of Diet Coke.

Cruise Cash
Fully gifted!

On-board credit to use for whatever floats our boat (pun intended).

Cruise Photography
Fully gifted!

Okay on this one, we are offering a double-your-money-back guarantee that we will not strike this pose for any cruise photographer. We are, however, hoping to capture some memories of our cruise through a few photo ops on board.

Cozumel Chef Food Tour
Fully gifted!

We're taking our taste buds for a tour! On this food tour, we will get an opportunity to taste a variety of dishes, ranging from traditional street fare to the regional cuisine of the Yucatán. We will visit several of Cozumel’s local restaurants that are far from the touristy main-stays.

Cozumel, Mexico

A Night at Sea Steak Dinner
Fully gifted!

Help us book a table at the ship's delicious premium steakhouse. The menu features mouthwatering beef cooked to our exact specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, entrées, gourmet appetizers, and delicious desserts.

Secret Falls and Inner Tubing Adventure in Jamaica
Fully gifted!

First we go tubing on the Calypso river, before anyone else is there. Then we go to the Secret Falls. The lower falls has a swinging rope and the upper falls is a short hike up through a dark and gorgeous rainforest, along the rushing river to the falls. Once there, we can swim and jump off of the waterfall and various rock formations. It is said to be a great time. We can also hike up the falls and play in the different pools along the way.

Montego Bay, Saint James Parish, Jamaica

Lunch in Montego Bay - MVP Smokehouse
Fully gifted!

The MVP Smokehouse in Reading, just outside of Montego Bay Jamaica serves jerked, Jamaican, healthy food and fresh juices.

Montego Bay, Saint James Parish, Jamaica

Couples Massage
Fully gifted!

A relaxing massage together for our honeymoon experience.

Royal Palms Grand Cayman
Fully gifted!

Located just steps from the turquoise water on Seven Mile Beach, Royal Palms is a family owned and operated restaurant and beach bar that is proud to present a relaxed atmosphere where both locals and tourists alike can enjoy great food, service and ambiance. We will relax in our beach chairs, eat a delicious lunch, and enjoy the fabulous view together.

Grand Cayman, George Town, Cayman Islands

Private Cabana at Royal Palms Cayman
Fully gifted!

Just looking out for our skin here...have you noticed how pale we both are??? A sunburn would put a serious damper on the rest of the cruise.

Grand Cayman, George Town, Cayman Islands

One Last Night of Honeymoon - Hotel Stay in New Orleans
Fully gifted!

We'll be staying in New Orleans for one night on our return from the cruise. This will allow us to enjoy the wonderful food of New Orleans as well as some local attractions.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Aquarium of the Americans
Fully gifted!

Before we leave New Orleans, we're heading to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
Fully gifted!

You can't go to New Orleans and not get beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Honestly, we'll go multiple times.

New Orleans, LA, United States

The National World War II Museum
Fully gifted!

We both really want to tour this museum!!! It's actually the main reason we decided to stay in New Orleans for a night following the cruise. We want to be able to take our time and really enjoy this place.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Sunday Lunch at Mother's in New Orleans (August 3)
Fully gifted!

Mother’s Restaurant opened its doors in 1938 on Poydras Street’s “Restaurant Row”, and Melissa thinks the best shrimp po-boys in New Orleans are found here. John wants to find out if she's right.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Sunday Dinner in New Orleans at Commander's Palace (August 3)
Fully gifted!

Since 1880, Commander's Palace has been a New Orleans landmark known for the award-winning quality of its food. The place is famous. And we hear it's fantastic. So we want to try it out together.

New Orleans, LA, United States

Monday Morning Breakfast at Camelia Grill (August 4)
Fully gifted!

Our farewell honeymoon breakfast at a popular New Orleans landmark.

New Orleans, LA, United States