Welcome to the Honeymoon Registry of Rachel Punke & Trent Friske March 3rd, 2018

Our Story

Our story began 27 years ago when Rachel and I shared a Kindergarten classroom at Handley School in Saginaw, MI. She was my first crush and my first kiss. As early as age 9 I knew that Rachel was someone special. I even used the money earned over a summer collecting and selling night crawlers to buy her a gift. A gold pendant bracelet with both our names engraved on it. I had no idea that this token of a childhood love would represent a bond even bigger than I could have imagined. I'm also pretty sure it still fits her today. From the playgrounds of Handley school grew an appreciation for each other that would last a lifetime.
After Handley, we were separated by different high schools, colleges, and experiences. After graduating from U of M I moved to Los Angeles, St. Croix for awhile, then ended up back in LA. Rachel decided to continue her education and began medical school at Michigan State University.
In the fall of 2012 my mom was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I moved back home to spend time with her and my family. Now that we were both in Michigan, Rachel and I rekindled our friendship. After a few run-ins during the holiday season, I finally made my move. In April of 2014 I took her out to celebrate her birthday (our first date). We spent the night popping bottles of champagne, eating, and laughing more than I had in awhile. The night ended under the stars, trying to identify constellations. Rachel remains completely confident in her astrological knowledge, but I was there. This memory remains a special one to us both still today.
In the months that followed our first date we faced separation because of jobs, schooling, and travel. When we both returned to Michigan again, we took full advantage of the opportunity to be in a more serious relationship. It didn’t take long to realize that it was one of the best decisions we had ever made.
We have spent the last couple of years growing our relationship and enjoying life together. We now live in metro Detroit with our dog Murphy and are grateful to have exciting new adventures and experiences almost daily. In the last couple of years we have called multiple places home, we've built, grown, and sold businesses together, cared for some of Detroit's sickest population, traveled to Panama, Mexico, Nashville, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and California. We've attended countless football games and music festivals with friends and even road-tripped across the country for Burning Man. We have made so many beautiful friendships and memories along the way, and we are so fortunate to be on this ride together-- I can't imagine it any other way.

Big Day Details

We are spending our big day in the beautiful Yucatan peninsula of Mexico with our relatives and close friends. Our ceremony will take place on the afternoon of March 3rd, in Cancun, Mexico. The wedding will be on the beach, facing the Gulf of Mexico with a poolside reception to follow. The 4-day holiday and wedding will be hosted by Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun. Fiesta Americana Condesa is an all-inclusive resort that we fell in love with last spring and are so excited to revisit for this special occasion.

Honeymoon Destination Asia

Our plan is to soak up as much sun, ocean, food and culture as we can in Southeast Asia. We would like to hop around some of the most beautiful destinations that Southeast Asia has to offer, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pai, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and the Maldives. Rachel is scheduled to take the entire month of March off from her residency and we are planning to travel to Asia from our wedding and continue through the end of the month, giving us approximately three weeks of travel time. While traveling we hope to spend a 50/50 ratio of adventuring and relaxing. Some things we are most excited to experience during this trip are motorcycling through Northern Thailand and eating some of the best food the world has to offer. Playing with elephants at the Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary in Chiang Mai and relaxing at an all-inclusive experience in an over the water villa on a private island in the Maldives. We value experiences and travel with the highest regard and appreciate your help on our quest to create new and lasting memories together.

Items on our Registry

2 One-way flights from Cancun to New York for both
Fully gifted!

2 One-way flights from New York to Bangkok
Fully gifted!

3 nights at Bodega Bangkok
Fully gifted!

Thai Massage for 2 upon arrival
Fully gifted!

Money to fill up food card at Pier 21
Fully gifted!

Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market
Fully gifted!

2 One-way flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
Fully gifted!

1 night at Green Tiger Vegetarian House and Dinner
Fully gifted!

1 night at Green Tiger Vegetarian House
Fully gifted!

1 night at Green Tiger Vegetarian House
Fully gifted!

Dinner and drinks at Zoe in Yellow
Fully gifted!

Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary full day experience for 2 - Chiang Mai
Fully gifted!

Motorcycle Rental Honda Phantom 200 ($18/day) 4 days
Fully gifted!

Traditional Thai cooking class for 2
Fully gifted!

2 nights at Pura Vida Resort in Pai
Fully gifted!

Street food and souvenirs in Pai
Fully gifted!

Drinks at Bamboo Bar and Ting Tong in Pai
Fully gifted!

1 One-way flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi
Fully gifted!

1 One-way flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi
Fully gifted!

Bus ride from Krabi to Ao Nang and Ferry from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi
Fully gifted!

1 night at PP Princess Beach Resort Koh Phi Phi
Fully gifted!

1 night at PP Princess Beach Resort Koh Phi Phi
Fully gifted!

1 night at PP Princess Beach Resort Koh Phi Phi
You can gift any amount you wish up to $120
Price: $120

Ibex tour to Maya Bay, cliff jumping, snorkeling and swimming with bioluminescence
Fully gifted!

Beachside Thai Massage
Fully gifted!

Ferry from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi Town
Fully gifted!

Bus and Ferry from Krabi to Koh Samui
Fully gifted!

3 nights at ArkBar in Koh Samui
Quantity desired: 2 @ $60

The Thai Experience
Quantity desired: 1 @ $75

Day trip to Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai) and dinner
Fully gifted!

Dinner at Tree Tops Sky Dining & Bar
Fully gifted!

2 One-way flights from Koh Samui to Bangkok
You can gift any amount you wish up to $255
Price: $255

2 One-way flights from Phuket to Maldives
You can gift any amount you wish up to $275
Price: $275

Private charter to Meeru Island resort in Maldives
Fully gifted!

2 One-way flights from the Maldives to Chicago
You can gift any amount you wish up to $700
Price: $700

Car rental from Chicago to Detroit
You can gift any amount you wish up to $110
Price: $110