Kristen Majewski & Clayton Lamar

Welcome to our honeymoon registry
October 21 2017

Honeymoon Destination France

We'll be honeymooning in France in May, 2018! We plan to fly into Nice and spend a few days on the Mediterranean before driving through Provence and up to the Loire Valley on our way to Paris.

Items on our Registry

Quantity desired: 4 @ $200

We'll be flying into Nice, then renting a car and driving across France on our way back to Paris.

Fully gifted!

We're both overdue for new luggage. Help us travel in style!

Quantity desired: 14 @ $100

The south of France has some of the loveliest hotels in the world.

Dinner at Chez Nenesse
Fully gifted!

This is Clayton's absolute favorite restaurant in the world.

Beach Club Membership for a Day
Fully gifted!

We'll spend a couple of days lounging by the Mediterranean in Nice. Private beach clubs dot the shoreline, and a daily membership offers lounge chairs, umbrellas, cocktails, and a great view.

Champagne at Sundown
Fully gifted!

We'll enjoy a nice bottle of Champagne as the sun sets over the Mediterranean in Nice.

The Search for the Perfect Bouillabaisse
Fully gifted!

Bouillabaisse comes from the south of France; we'll be on the hunt for our favorite.

Wine in Nimes
Fully gifted!

We'll enjoy a bottle of rosé in the shadow of the old Roman aqueduct in Nîmes.

Tickets to the Chagall Museum
Fully gifted!

Marc Chagall lived in the Côte d'Azur region of France and a national museum celebrates his work.

Lunch at Frenchie
Fully gifted!

Getting a table at this gem of a restaurant is the hard part!

Picnic Lunch in the Luxembourg Gardens
Fully gifted!

In France, sometimes the simplest meals are the best.

Breakfast at Broken Biscuits
Fully gifted!

One of our very favorites bakeries in Paris.

Flamingos in France?!
Fully gifted!

We'll spend a day with the pink flamingos at the Camargue Nature Reserve.

Dinner at Maison Christian Étienne
Fully gifted!

A Michelin-starred dinner in a medieval building in Avignon, the former French papal seat.

Lunch along the Corniche
Fully gifted!

A relaxing cafe lunch along the Corniche walkway on the Marseille waterfront.

Antique Market in Nice
Fully gifted!

We'll be looking for treasures at the sprawling antique market in Nice (Clayton found a Vietnam-era French military walkie-talkie here on a high school trip).

Lunch at Oustau de Baumaniere
Fully gifted!

A terrace lunch at one of Provence's loveliest restaurants.

Dinner Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel
Fully gifted!

An extra-fancy dinner by one of France's most renowned (organic!) chefs.

Cafe Lunch in Paris
Fully gifted!

A relaxing lunch after a day of walking around in Paris.

Tickets to the Jacquemart-André museum
You can gift any amount you wish up to $25
Price: $25

A private art collection housed in an old mansion.