Nicole & Karl

Welcome to our honeymoon registry

Our Story

Our first online conversation focused on travel and exploring new places – particularly how neither of us had been to Iceland. 6 months later we landed in Kevflavik. A fantastic trip later – which included the best fish and chips ever, both of us receiving kisses from incredibly friendly strangers, and a painful fall down a historical church – we realized we fit.

March 21 2018

Big Day Details

We are exchanging our vows in front of our family in the Scottish Highlands where breathtaking scenery, unicorns, thistles and whiskey distilleries abound. Izzie will be our only other participant - she's anxiously awaiting her wedding ;o).

Monday for wealth
Tuesday for health
Wednesday the best day of all
Thursday for losses
Friday for crosses
Saturday for no luck at all.
Airport: Inverness, Scotland (INV)
Venue: Muckrach Country House Hotel

Honeymoon Destination Scotland

Rustic and romantic with a touch of misty fog. We've both wanted to visit and can't wait to explore parts of this wonderful country, and create new memories as a family. Bonus - Tyler was a Scottish Terrier....!

We don't need traditional wedding gifts, but greatly appreciate contributions to our vows ceremony, "family moon" and our post-Scotland life together. Thanks for being part of our lives and loads of love!

Items on our Registry

Airfare Gear for Izzie
Quantity desired: 8 @ $20

We plan on being armed with snacks, at least 10 hours of movies (Zootopia, Moana, Trolls etc), games, blankies, and her very own headphones and neck pillow.

From Denver to Amsterdam and Inverness

Speyside Whiskey Tour
Fully gifted!

No - this is not Speyside, Tobago (we visited in April) - and yes, we will be leaving Izzie with the grandparents. This is a big one on Karl's wish list - and includes a chauffeured day trip through Scotland's renowned whiskey distilleries. Think Glenfiddich, Macallan and more.

Day Tour to Isle of Skye
Fully gifted!

The Fairy Glen, Eilean Donan Castle and other beautiful sites for all 3 of us. And the location is part of the new Transformers movie!

Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

The Fun House at Aviemore
Fully gifted!

Half a day playing with Izzie at the Fun House. It includes a play area, family mini-golf and a game room.

Aviemore, United Kingdom

Wedding Night Dinner for 2
Fully gifted!

Thank goodness for grandparents! We'll celebrate our ceremony with a special celebratory dinner for the two of us.

Post-Scotland Life
You can gift any amount you wish up to $2,790
Price: $2,790

While we don't need many tangible items, we do plan on a few house upgrades - including some remodeling and furnishings. Any help to make our home more cozy is appreciated!

Arvada, CO, United States

Amsterdam Canal Cruise
Fully gifted!

We are stopping over in Amsterdam for a couple days before Inverness, and heard this is a must!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank House
You can gift any amount you wish up to $50
Price: $50

No explanation needed.

Amsterdam, Netherlands