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Honeymoon in London,  Paris,  Rome,  Florence,  Venice

Victoria and Elvis
Destination: London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice

Hello everyone! So glad you are here! That means you are invited to spend our very special day with us! Thank you so much in advance!
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Venice, Italy New York, New York Houston, Texas
Honeymoon in Italy - Venice, Florence, Rome

Joanna and Alexander
Destination: Italy - Venice, Florence, Rome

We are SO excited to have all of you come celebrate with us when we tie the knot and become Mr. and Mrs. Choi! Or Kim-Choi, that has yet to be decided (right honey?)! We will be taking our honeymoon in April (right around Alex's birthday!) and will be headed to ITALY! We...
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Venice, Italy Rome, Italy Casperia, Italy Florence, Italy Italy
Honeymoon in Rome, Florence, Venice

Rosemary and Aaron
Destination: Rome, Florence, Venice

Hi everyone! Welcome to our registry! All our lives, we have always dreamed of traveling and having big adventures. So, instead of the usual house-hold appliances, we would love your help with the honeymoon of a lifetime! :) We’ve put together an itinerary for an epic ...
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Venice, Italy Florence, Italy Rome, Italy Vatican City Fiumicino, Italy
Honeymoon in Paris, France & Venice, Italy

Olivia and Adam
Destination: Paris, France & Venice, Italy

Hello friends, in lieu of a gift registry, please help us make memories that will last forever in Paris & Venice. You are more then welcome to pick and choose what part of our Honeymoon you would like to contribute too or make us the happiest newlyweds by paying for it all!...
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Venice, Italy Paris, France Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in Venice Italy

Melissa and Jamie
Destination: Venice Italy

We are so excited to be sharing this wonderful day with our friends and family. We have been blessed over the years by receiving many gifts which have helped us create our home. Therfore, we would love your help in giving us the honeymoon of our dreams. We have decided to g...
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Venice, Italy Queens, New York Florence, Italy Greece Italy
Honeymoon in Italy, Venice, Rome (EUROPE)

Ann and Anthony
Destination: Italy, Venice, Rome (EUROPE)

Hi everyone! First off Anthony and I want to thank you all for the support, good wishes and congratulations we've received. We decided to forego the typical wedding "gifts" like toasters and house appliances, and truly give you the opportunity to help us make a dream a reality...
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Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in France and Italy

Marcella and Casey
Destination: France and Italy

Hi dear family and friends, We are truly lucky to have so much already. Ultimately (and we're not just saying this), your presence is all we could ever ask for. So if you'd prefer to give the gift of an experience, rather than a gravy boat, you're in the right place! If you...
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Pasadena, Texas Fiumicino, Italy Paris, France Nice, France Venice, Italy
Honeymoon in Venice to Athens to Santorini to Rome

Nikki and Paul
Destination: Venice to Athens to Santorini to Rome

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! We are very excited about our wedding and our trip afterwards to celebrate. Thank you so much for being a part of our big day.
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Marseille, France Barcelona, Spain Venice, Italy Palma De Mallorca, Spain Rome, Italy

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