Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal

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Honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal

Veronika and Shane
Destination: Lisbon, Portugal

We love you guys.

Lisbon, Portugal
Honeymoon in Portugal

Maridela and Jose
Destination: Portugal

Hi! Welcome to our honeymoon and living abroad registry. Thank you!
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Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
Honeymoon in Portugal and Spain

Katie and Nate
Destination: Portugal and Spain

Wanderlust has struck -- we plan travel the world hand-in-hand, experiencing foreign cultures, salivating over intriguing food and drinks, taking in the breathtaking landscapes of far away lands and opening our eyes to the stories and lives of unfamiliar people. Our first inte...
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Lisbon, Portugal Spain Lagos, Portugal Seville, Spain Sintra, Portugal
Honeymoon in Spain and Portugal

Raschell and Jeffrey
Destination: Spain and Portugal

Hello everyone! We decided to take the modern approach to the wedding registry by offering our guests the opportunity to make our honeymoon more memorable than we could wish for. Gone are the days of fine china sets for the wedding gift. Today, with modern technology you can n...
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Fes, Morocco Marbella, Spain Seville, Spain Spain Lisbon, Portugal
Honeymoon in Portugal

Danya and Ned
Destination: Portugal

Hello and thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry for the trip we are planning to Portugal! We're still planning the itinerary, but we're so excited to travel, eat, bike, and explore Lisbon, Porto, and in between. Thank you for considering a gift that will be a part of a...
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Porto, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal Portugal
Honeymoon in Europe

Lisa and Brendan
Destination: Europe

Welcome to our honeymoon registry! Despite our best intentions, we have never made it to Europe... So, we figured no time like the present! Our plan is to spend three weeks hitting a few of the top spots on our bucket lists.
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Barcelona, Spain London, United Kingdom Lisbon, Portugal Madrid, Spain Paris, France
Honeymoon in Europe

Michele and Rodolfo
Destination: Europe

Welcome To Our Honeymoon Registry! Come away with us - and if you physically can't - contribute to our adventures in Europe! Scroll down for all the memorable adventures we have planned!
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lisbon, Portugal Barcelona, Spain Morocco Paris, France

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