Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Granada, Spain

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Honeymoon in Portugal and Spain

Katie and Nate
Destination: Portugal and Spain

Wanderlust has struck -- we plan travel the world hand-in-hand, experiencing foreign cultures, salivating over intriguing food and drinks, taking in the breathtaking landscapes of far away lands and opening our eyes to the stories and lives of unfamiliar people. Our first inte...
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Lisbon, Portugal Spain Lagos, Portugal Seville, Spain Sintra, Portugal
Honeymoon in Spain, France, Italy from May- June 2015

Brigitte and Roberto
Destination: Spain, France, Italy from May- June 2015

Hello all! We are happy you will join us on our special day. We opted out of traditionally registering for material gifts and are registering for our honeymoon trip instead. Initially, we will go on a 4 night cruise to the Caribbean right after the wedding. In June, we will tr...
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Barcelona, Spain Vatican City Paris, France Seville, Spain Paris, France
Honeymoon in spain

marissa and francis
Destination: spain

Welcome to our wedding registry! We are so excited and grateful to share our big day with you!
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Madrid, Spain Granada, Spain
Honeymoon in Peru & Miami

Sarah and Josue
Destination: Peru & Miami

Hi! ! ! Thank you for visiting our honeymoon site <3 We plan to do lots of exploring, followed by lots of relaxing (:
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Peru, Indiana Miami, Florida Lima, Peru Peru Boston, Massachusetts
Honeymoon in Spain

Leah and Eric
Destination: Spain

Thank you for visiting our honeymoon registry! We cannot wait to go to Spain! As many of you know, Eric is fluent in Spanish, and Leah speaks "un poquito", so we look forward to using the language and diving into the local culture. While in Spain, we will be staying in Barc...
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Granada, Spain Madrid, Spain Spain Barcelona, Spain
Honeymoon in Spain

Bethany and Derek
Destination: Spain

Thanks for visiting our registry page! The two of us have debated whether or not to make a registry since there is very little that we want and there is really nothing that we need. We have been very blessed and long distance has taught us that the most valuable gift is time ...
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Spain Sitges, Spain Granada, Spain Valencia, Spain Barcelona, Spain

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