Welcome to the Honeymoon Registry of Jennifer & Michael May 6th, 2017

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Items on our Registry

Taking Flight - two tickets to Thailand
Fully gifted!

As much as we love traveling, airfare is an inevitable and large expense of our trip. Thank you to everyone for contributing to our airfare fund! We'll definitely appreciate your generosity when we land safely in our honeymoon destination!

Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui
Fully gifted!

Street Food
Fully gifted!

We're both huge fans of street food - the local dishes that you can find in hole-in-the-wall eateries and at food carts. It'll be a perfect way for us to spend a day. Is there anything better than walking around to sample one delicious dish after another?

Transportation to venture around Thailand
Fully gifted!

This gift covers our transportation while we're traveling, ensuring that we'll get safely from one amazing location to the next! We've already resigned ourselves to the fact that we'll probably get lost a few times, but at least we'll be comfortable as we make our way around foreign parts.

Drinks to Celebrate!
This registry cannot accept gifts.
Quantity desired: 1 @ $25

We are definitely looking forward to sipping on some tropical drinks during our honeymoon. We have so much to toast to: a great new adventure with our new marriage together!

Elephant rides
Fully gifted!

When Jen was little, she was too scared to get on an elephant and her younger brother went in her place; it's been a family story her entire life- help her undo her reputation and get her on an elephant ride!

Honeymoon dinners
Fully gifted!

Definitely one of the highlights of our honeymoon! We're already looking at restaurants and local dishes we want to try.

A few nights in Koh Phi Phi
Fully gifted!

Accommodations at Kupu Kupu in Koh Phangan
Fully gifted!

Private pool on the beach before we head to the Full Moon Party. In other words, let's act adult before acting college again! We can't wait to relax at this resort and come back to an amazing stay after a night of partying in glow in the dark paint.

Three nights at Ten Moons Resort in Koh Lipe
Fully gifted!

Koh Lipe Thailand is a small Thai island with beautiful beaches surrounded by pristine coral reefs. Koh Lipe is part of the Tarutao National Marine park and is next to a group of uninhabited islands with deserted beaches, waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints to visit. We will be staying at the Castaways resort- a resort of bungalows right on the beach!

Koh Lipe Chalong Phuket Thailand

Couple's massage
Fully gifted!

We'll be sure to need some relaxation after all the wedding planning and sitting on a plane for 14 hours!

Tortuga Backpack for the groom
Fully gifted!

We like to travel with everything on our backs- it makes things faster, easier, and more convenient. One year for Jen's birthday, Mike bought her the Tortuga travel backpack, and ever since then, Mike keeps trying to steal it for his own. This way we can each have our own and travel around Thailand with ease!

Dinner at the Thai Experience - Interactive Travelers' Dinner
Fully gifted!

We'll be going to the Thai Experience the second day of our honeymoon and it's one of the things we're looking forward to most; a dinner where they provide us with 15 different Thai dishes, teach us how to make some authentic Thai cocktails, all in a communal setting that will give us the chance to meet others from around the world! Feel free to check it out if you're interested: http://www.thethaiexp.com/the-thai-experience/

The Thai Experience Ko Samui Surat Thani Thailand

Blue Stars Kayaking Tour of the Angthong National Marine Park
Fully gifted!

Blue Stars Kayaking will take us from Koh Samui on the spectacular Ang Thong Marine Park. Ang Thong Marine Park is famous from the book “THE BEACH” from which the movie by the same name was based on!

Ang Thong Surat Thani Thailand

Yoga in Thailand
Fully gifted!

With all the walking, eating, sitting on planes, and consuming tropical drinks, we'll need a little restoration. Help us practice yoga in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Mike's tank top addiction
Fully gifted!

One of Mike's favorite things about Thailand is the assortment of tank tops. He's looking forward to wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts for two weeks. Help him support his addiction by buying some for him

Bangkok street food bike tour
Fully gifted!

We'll explore Bangkok by bike- our guide will lead us around to all the best local eateries, giving us to see Bangkok through the eyes of a local

Lounge in Qatar during Our Layover
Fully gifted!

This incredibly spacious 33 000 square foot lounge is available for Qatar Airways and oneworld First Class and Business Class passengers only. The lounge has a fully-stocked bar, snacks and gourmet meals available according to your whim. There are also seats with individual charging stations, wide-screen TVs, game rooms and many other amenities. There’s even a replica, life-size Formula One Racing Car in the kids’ game room.

Lunch at Nahm
Fully gifted!

Nahm is located in Bangkok and was voted in the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2017. We were able to snag lunch reservations on one of the last days of our honeymoon!

Bangkok Thailand

Random adventures
Fully gifted!

One of our favorite things about traveling are the things that can't be planned- the spontaneous things that we decide to do or someone along the way tells us we must see.

Fully gifted!

We travel light, but there will surely be things we'll want to bring home. After all, the comfy clothes and cool jewelry doesn't take up much room ;)