Hotel in Annecy - French Alps

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Hotel in Annecy - French Alps

Hotel in Annecy - French Alps

In 1728, a young Henri Rousseau found himself in Annecy, France, "where he found abundant material — romantic, sexual, scandalous — for his celebrated 'Confessions.'" Rousseau became the ward of Madame de Warens, an aristocrat 12 years his senior: “I had imagined a sour-faced pious old lady,” he wrote in his autobiography. But “I saw a gracefully molded face, beautiful blue eyes filled with sweetness, a shining skin, the shape of an enchanting figure.” He called her “maman.” She found him small jobs in Annecy, encouraged his musical education — and then became his lover when he was just out of his teens. Thus, we discover there is history, beautiful canals, promiscuity, scandal, gorgeous mountains, and wonderful gastronomy all within the high Alps region of France. Your gift will contribute to spending two nights at the Hotel des Alpes in this fascinating lakeside town.

Location: Annecy, France
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