A Visit to the Sagrada Familia

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A Visit to the Sagrada Familia

A Visit to the Sagrada Familia

"My client is in no hurry," said famed architect Antonio Gaudí, when asked if he was concerned about the time it was taking to build the Sagrada Familia (The client he was referring to being The Big Guy, obviously). And they really didn't hurry--- this cathedral has been more than a hundred years in the works, it's an amazing architectural wonder. Constructed started way back in 1882 and the expected completion date is 2026. Controversy has been stirred from some suggestion that after Gaudi’s death the building is no longer being built to his original designs. Nevertheless the church, ordained as a basilica in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, has some amazing architecture. Help the guys get there so Ruel's mom will be happy that he at least went to church once when he was on his honeymoon!

Location: Barcelona, Spain
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