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Destination: Belize

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Kay and Rich

First off, we'd like to say that your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for. We appreciate you allowing us to take over your holiday weekend while you journey far to Amish country, Lancaster, PA. We are better people because of our friendships and families. A special thanks to those who can make it to our wedding - and of course we will be thinking of those who can't. As most of you know, we have been living together in Philadelphia, so we have most of the essential home items that other newlyweds may need. What we would really treasure is an unforgettable honeymoon and memories that will last a life time. We couldn't decide between adventure (Kay's favorite) or relaxing (Rich's favorite) so we chose both! We will be spending the first 4 days at a beach resort called Victoria House in Ambergris Caye, Belize, before heading to the final 4 days in the jungle at Hidden Valley Inn in Cayo. Below are some of the adventures we would love to do on the trip of a lifetime! If you choose to contribute to our honeyfund via cash/check (and save the processing fee!) then simply select which adventure you would like to contribute to and print out the gift card provided.

Belize Belize Terminal Two, United Kingdom Orange Walk, Belize Bacalar Chico, Belize
Cave tubing and ziplining trip

Cave tubing and ziplining trip


This double feature will take us traveling deep into the caves via canoe. There we will see skeletal remains of human sacrifice (eekk!) and beautiful rock and crystal formations. Then we head over ...

Lamanai tour

Lamanai tour


The ruins of Lamanai are located on the banks of the 30 mile long New River Lagoon in North Central Belize. The Lamanai Archaeological Reserve also contains a museum, the remnants of two 16th centu...

Bacalar Chico

Bacalar Chico


This Mayan National park and Marine Reserve is a snorkeler’s paradise. An abundance of marine life will be seen on the tour’s three snorkeling stops. This is combined with visiting the ancient dug ...

Car rental

Car rental


Half of the trip we will be traveling, by driving ourselves! I hope we can navigate the jungle roads! Yowsa




Caracol is the largest of the Maya sites found in Belize today. Located 35 miles from Hidden Valley Inn, deep in the Chiquibul Wilderness and cloaked in jungle, it is difficult to appreciate the e...

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Wanderable is a new and unique honeymoon registry that allows wedding guests to gift meaningful and memorable experiences to a newlywed couple.

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