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Caracol is the largest of the Maya sites found in Belize today. Located 35 miles from Hidden Valley Inn, deep in the Chiquibul Wilderness and cloaked in jungle, it is difficult to appreciate the extent of this mighty city in one breath. Excavation and preservation of Caracol began in 2000, with the restoration of Caana, The Sky Palace. Caana stands at 140 feet tall in what was once the center of this city. To this day it is still Belize's tallest man-made structure and boasts impressive views of the surrounding jungle. Caracol consists of over 4000 structures spread over 55 square miles. Exploration of this temple has led to the discovery of, among other things, a large hieroglyphic panel which describes solstice rituals conducted by Lord Kan II in approximately 7AD and a frieze of the Witz Monster Mask which represents the sacred mountain.

Location: Belize
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