Imagine Asia: Bangkok, Khao Lak


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Phang Nga Khao Lak Bangkok Khao Sok

ImagineAsia Travel is a rare kind of travel agency that inspires you to experience the true Thailand through unique activities you can only find offered in Thailand’s cities and countryside. This itinerary in particular allows you to fully embrace all the offerings found in Thailand through in-depth stays in both Bangkok and Khao Lak. In Bangkok, you’ll walk in a culinary delight tour to sample authentic Thai food, receive luck at the Monk Blessing’s Ceremony, travel by boat to see glittering temples, and savor a luxurious dinner (complete with traditional Thai music and dancing) in one of the world’s greatest hotels. Khao Lak also offers a world of new experiences for you to sample, including a sunset cruise with freshly made cocktails, an elephant and jungle canoe safari in the thicks of the jungle, a cooking class set next to a thunderous rainbow waterfall, and snorkeling in the clearest waters you’ll ever swim in.

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